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At Medigrowth, we’re on a journey to provide legal access to medicinal cannabis and medical marijuana to Australian patients & doctors with permission from the TGA and ODC. With each and every milestone achieved we consolidate a resolute commitment to ourselves, our industry partners and Australian patients. 

Established 2017

Medigrowth Australia was founded in 2017 by its Directors Adam Guskich & Todd McClellan.

Medigrowth Directors

“We share a resolute belief in Medicinal Cannabis, along with our combined vision for creating a company with the ability to effect substantial positive change in patient wellbeing” This is the motivational driver for success.

Medicinal Cannabis Licensing

Our genuine ‘seed to solution’ commitment.

Full Cannabis Processing

Fully Licensed with the Office of Drug Control for Cultivation, Research & Manufacture,  Medigrowth offers a genuine ‘seed to solution’ commitment to Australian patients and industry partners.

Grow, Extract, Test & Research

World class cGMP design for purpose built facility to be located in regional Victoria.

Medigrowth Fascilities

The Medigrowth Australia Centre for Excellence – Offering state of the art technology in extraction and manufacturing, cultivation, analytical and laboratory services, genetics supply and  University led research. At Medigrowth, we understand every critical element in the supply chain, allowing for the seamless integration between meeting individual patient needs and serving our industry partners.

Research Focus - Deakin University Collaboration

Medigrowth Australia is committed to ongoing contribution to Medicinal Cannabis Research. In partnership with Deakin University, our collaborative Research & Development initiatives, Joint PHD programs & Postgraduate training research programs will be implemented to further develop and explore the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids & full spectrum cannabis extracts.

Deakin In Our Journey

Our ability to utilise existing expertise and consolidate University led research, plant genetics programs, cannabinoid research, selective breeding programs and proprietary cultivation techniques including Australia’s first commercial aquaponics grown cannabis program will offer long term industry engagement and academic contribution. 

Medigrowth Plant Science Research Centre

Enabling engaging, high value research opportunities for Medigrowth to Inspire. Innovate. Exceed. 

Medigrowth Australia

The Internet of Cannabis

Working with researchers at Deakin University, the team at Medigrowth Australia are committed to innovate, create and develop. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on current Research initiatives, including the 2021 Internet of Cannabis – a high tech thermal/HD plant monitoring platform integrating IOT & machine learning to implement novel Artificial Intelligence algorithms for tracking plant physiology and environmental parameters.

Medigrowth Green Skies Project

A stong focus in sustainability by Medigrowth and a vision for the future.

Sustainable Planning

Targeting 100% renewable energy – harnessing the power of nature for a truly sustainable future. Medigrowth is currently utilising solar for >50% of its energy needs and is committed to carbon neutrality by 2025 and carbon negative operations by 2030. Sustainability by Medigrowth.

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